Permanent makeup
Permanent makeup Nano hairstrokes or shading technique. - $600 (touch up included)
Nano Hairstrokes is next generation microblading.
You may know it by different names, machine microblading, digital microblading, and so many more. Essentially, it is the creation of Hairstrokes or shading using a machine.

What is the difference?

Here is the explanation.

Microblading causes more scarring (especially on darker skin tones like African American, Afro Latinas, Middle Eastern etc…) by creating little paper cuts in the skin, and they have more tendency to spread and melt together.

So a machine is going to give:
• Better precision than a hand-held microblade
• Protect the integrity of the skin(no more cuts!)
• Lasts way longer in the skin! Better retention!
• Less migration

Nano brows can be offered to majority of skin types. I use top of the line machines to create Nano Hairstrokes, Nano Shading or Ombré-Powder brows.

Full lips Permanent makeup (Lip blushing) - $600 (touch up included)

Eyeliner Permanent makeup - $375

Shading eyeliner - $500

• The touch up required in 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment. You should continue getting touch ups on an annual basis.
Retention can take you into the year and a half to two years mark( depending on skin type and lifestyle), so it's best to access your skin's retention and book accordingly.

What is the difference between Nano and Microblading?
-Microblading is a hand held tool that makes mini paper cuts into the skin.
-Nano is a machine that uses a single needle and makes up and down punctures.
-Nano has a higher accuracy for better retention, which means less touch ups, less trauma to the skin, and less migration over time.

Clients more than 10 minutes late to their scheduled appointments will either be forced to reschedule (and pay late fee). IF YOU ARE A NO-CALL NO SHOW, I WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT YOU AS A CLIENT. Thank you for respecting my time.
• There is a strict NO EXTRA GUESTS policy.

A $100 deposit is required in order to book and confirm your appointment and will be deducted from the total cost of your service.
Once you have booked your appointment time, please send your deposit or your appointment will be declined.
• Zelle or Venmo 917-539-9067

24 hours notice is required to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Deposits are non-refundable, so please be sure if semi-permanent makeup is for you. Please respect my time.

4-6 week touch ups are required. If you do not return in 4-6 weeks, you forfeit the price and will pay the touch up price.

Before Your Appointment
• Do not drink coffee in the morning ( coffee is a vasodilator)
• Do not consume alcohol within 24 h
• For lip blushing service-Exfoliate your lips with sugar and honey( dry, flaky lips doesn't absorb pigment and tends to bleed during procedure)
• Hydrate your lips everyday with Acvaphore or Petroleum jelly( Vaseline)

After Care Instructions:
• NO TOUCHING. Be as careful/gentle as possible! Your retention/results depend entirely on your ability to follow proper AFTERCARE. If you scratch, rub or pick, you will RUIN your results. A few days of dark scabbing or flaking skin is NORMAL and a part of the process. Pigment will be permanently pulled out with the removal of any premature scabs and require a 3rd session at your expense... so don't mess with them!
• NO PRODUCTS/MAKEUP. Absolutely no harsh cleansers, creams, makeup or any other products on treated area for 2 weeks. Always avoid retinol/anti-aging creams as they fade tattoos! Makeup is OK around the brow area followed by very careful facial cleansing (use makeup wipes or washcloth).
• NO WATER. Avoid getting them wet, no direct water on your face in the shower for 2 weeks. Crack the bathroom door during showers to avoid "sauna effect".
• NO SUN. Avoid tanning/direct sun exposure for at least a month. It's never a good idea to make your tattoo susceptible to a deep tan or sunburn as it will cause fading.
• NO SWEAT. Avoid heavy sweating for at least two weeks, if possible. Skip Cardio the first few days. The salinity in your sweat is BAD for healing! Participate in intense workouts at your own risk, wearing a hat/headband to eliminate facial sweating.
• NO TREATMENTS. Do not get any other treatments on the area such as botox, facials, chemical peels or microdermabrasion for at least one month.
• NO SLEEP. Kidding! But be sure to avoid sleeping on your face for as long as possible. Sleep like the princess you are!
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